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What is tooth sensitivity? To put it simply, tooth sensitivity is discomfort in one or more teeth that can range from mild to severe. Many people feel this discomfort every day even during mundane tasks such as eating and drinking. But, is there anything you can do to combat this issue? Read on to find out.

Sadly, the causes of sensitive teeth vary. Brushing too hard, clenching, and grinding your teeth can cause your enamel to break down, exposing the nerve of your tooth—which leads to sensitivity. Tooth decay and gum disease can also break enamel down.

While it may not work for everyone, one common solution may surprise you. In fact, the solution is brushing and flossing adequately. This simple solution may help the most with this problem more than anything. Again, please remember to brush and floss for a thorough clean.

Toothpaste companies are putting out toothpaste for sensitive teeth. If you put this toothpaste on the offending tooth overnight you should see results. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth will also help over time.

Your enamel can not be replaced, so if you worry that it is starting to wear away, there are a few things you can do. As you may have heard, calcium will help keep your teeth strong so follow a diet that is high in calcium. Also stay away from acidic and sugary foods as they eat away at your enamel.

If you do have tooth sensitivity we can help. Our dentist Dr. Pooja Goel and his team will be able to tell you other ideas and solutions for your unique situation. Just call Smiles for Life Dental Group at 408-241-6501 to schedule an appointment. We are eager to receive your call.