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When stains saturate your tooth enamel from tobacco use and the regular consumption of dark beverages, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable about your physical appearance. Many people living in the Santa Clara, California area who are interested in brightening their smile can schedule a whitening consultation at Dr. Pooja Goel’s dental office.

Dr. Pooja Goel has received extensive training over the years to help you find the most effective methods for whitening one’s smile. This often starts with a dental bleaching treatment at her Santa Clara, California dental office. With professional tools, techniques and potent whitening agents she can completely whiten your smile without risking harm to your gums or teeth.

In the future, you should strongly consider taking means to maintain your white smile between dental cleanings with Dr. Pooja Goel. This might involve cutting back on dark beverages and abstaining from any tobacco use.

You could also try using whitening strips to occasionally remove surface stains. Just be sure to look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance to make sure they have been researched and tested for safe oral use.

The clear plastic strips have been treated with a topical form of hydrogen peroxide. You simply apply them to your teeth and they will whiten minor stains without being noticeable to the casual observer. You will also need to avoid drinking, eating, and using tobacco while the strips are in your mouth.

If you live in the Santa Clara, California area and you need help whitening your smile, you should call 408-241-6501 to schedule a consultation at Dr. Pooja Goel’s dental office.