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You might already know that cavities should be considered a fairly serious issue. You may also know that it’s very important for you to have a cavity filled as soon as you possibly can. Still, do you know what might cause your cavity or what you can try to do to prevent tooth decay in the first place?

As you should already know, you’ll need to brush and floss your pearly whites to keep your teeth strong and healthy. If you neglect your oral hygiene regimen, the protective layer of your pearly whites may weaken. If your tooth decay has only gotten to this stage, our team can help address the problem before it becomes too severe. Please be aware that you can recognize this stage of tooth decay by looking for white spots on your teeth. However, if you notice any dark spots on your smile, your tooth decay may have spread to the point that it will need a filling to be addressed.

Unfortunately, decay can also spread past your enamel—which is the protective layer of your pearly whites. Sadly, tooth decay could actually get into your dentin, which is the layer beneath your dentin. From there, decay can continue to spread to the middle of your tooth. Unfortunately, this is where your tooth harbors its nerves and connective tissues. If decay affects the center of your tooth and isn’t treated, you might ultimately lose your tooth. Furthermore, if decay does reach the center of your tooth, our team may recommend root canal therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about dealing with decay in Santa Clara, California, please feel free to contact Smiles for Life Dental Group. Our dentist, Dr. Pooja Goel and our team will gladly address any questions or concerns you could have. We’re excited to meet with you soon.