First of all, a type and a cause of the headache must have determined before proper treatment can be established. However, there are several headache treatments that relieve symptoms for a variety of headache causes. Many times, medication might be required to help combat headaches and migraines. However, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) might actually be the reason for your headaches.

When TMD plays a role in headaches, medications are probably not working as well as they should. To help relieve headache pain caused by TMD a proper treatment plan will need to be created.

Eliminate Headache Risk Factors

One way to help your headache pain is by eliminating any risk factors. By reducing risk factors, you can continue to protect yourself from harm. Some of the steps you can take to minimize headache might include the following:

  • Supporting your bite
  • Improving sleep habits
  • Improving head posture
  • Quitting smoking
  • Increasing exercise and losing weight
  • Avoid glutens, dairy and sugars, and preservatives in food
  • Controlling teeth grinding
  • Less consumption or eliminating alcohol use

What are TMD treatments

Dr. Goel offers different types of treatment options to relieve pain depending on what type of headache you are suffering from. Migraines: Migraines can be treated on two fronts: preventive and abortive. Preventive medications seek to avoid the occurrence of a migraine while abortive medications relieve pain after onset. Preventive medications usually don’t eliminate headaches completely, but they can help reduce the severity, length and frequency of migraines, while abortive medications relieve the pain after the initial onset of migraine.

Tension-type headaches

As tension-type headaches are caused by built up muscle. Tension in the neck or scalp, a massage may offer some initial pain relief. Over-the-counter pain medications can also offer effective relief from pain as well.

Cluster headaches

Unlike other types of headaches, common over-the-counter pain relievers do not typically help abort a cluster headache. If you are suffering from headaches, contact Dr. Goel at San Jose Sleep Solutions for more information and to find a treatment solution for TMJ.

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