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The toothbrush has seen a lot of changes within the past few years and the question has been asked, “Are power toothbrushes better?” Our team is going to answer some of the questions that surround the much debated power toothbrush for you today.

Which power toothbrush is best?

There are two types of powered toothbrushes on the market today: rechargeable and battery-powered. Rechargeable powered brushes use a different cleaning technology than battery-powered toothbrushes. Oscillating-rotating (3D Cleaning) or sonic technology is common in rechargeable brushes, whereas battery power gives enough vibration to add in the cleaning action.

Is powered better than manual?

Brushing your teeth, no matter what method you use is vital to healthy and strong teeth. In certain studies, powered toothbrushes that rotate bristle movement and direction (oscillating-rotating) generally are more effective in plaque removal and gum stimulation.

Who should have powered toothbrushes?

Powered toothbrushes can be used at any age, even younger kids. Often times, those that struggle with dexterity or cleaning with a manual brush, will be recommended to start brushing with an electric toothbrush.

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

A nice option about powered toothbrushes is they have replaceable bristles. Generally, you should replace these bristles every few months or when you notice the bristles are becoming worn down. These bristles should also be soft to prevent damage to your teeth or gums.

No matter what toothbrush you use, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene by brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Please give our office a call today at 408-241-6501 to set up a cleaning appointment with our dentist!