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When dental implants came into use they were seen as an effective way to restore the full function and appearance of a single lost tooth. As time has moved on dental implant technology has continued to evolve to help offer several different restoration options. Now dental implants can also be used to create denture anchors to help lock your removable dentures in place.

Most people need between four to six denture anchors installed in order to help the denture hardware securely lock them in.

The first step in the process of receiving denture implant anchors involves Dr. Pooja Goel examining your mouth and taking a few X-rays. Many people with dentures have suffered a loss of bone structure in their jaw as a result of chronic gum disease or multiple tooth extractions. If this is the case Dr. Pooja Goel might recommend that you receive a bone graft to restore enough structure to securely anchor the implant anchors.

The dental implants can be inserted during outpatient procedure that requires sedation. You will need to have someone drive you and help you at home, until you’re back on your feet.

During the procedure four to six small incisions are made in your gums to gain direct access to the underlying bone. A narrow channel is made in the bone for each anchor. Then a titanium abutments are screwed into place. Titanium is known to be biologically safe and will eventually fuse to the bone structure without complications.

Once the denture implants have completely fused to the bone, Dr. Pooja Goel can start the process of fitting you for the special dentures and locking hardware needed to secure your dentures in place all day long.

If you are interested in learning more about how dental implants can be used to help secure your dentures, you should call Dr. Pooja Goel’s office in Santa Clara, California at 408-241-6501 to schedule an appointment.