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Before we zoom to show off our supreme white teeth glazed with confidence, let's remind us one more time. People who are reading these ravings would have probably been busy searching for teeth whitening dentist in Santa Clara online for their own good. Tooth whitening is not for eternity unless we stop falling often for gastronomic quests. There might be things you must know about teeth whitening before goes for a dentist appointment.

Why teeth turn yellow?

Whether we like it or not, unlike the Cullen clan aging takes its toll on people. Hair goes gray, and the teeth turn yellow. Teeth whitening is absolutely normal for human beings as they grow older. When rubbed by the wrong diet, well, fifty shades of yellow happen.

  • Processed food
  • Red wine
  • Soda
  • Dark chocolate
  • Sundae, nightshade berries
  • Caffeine twitch
  • Anything that has got to do with dark stains
  • Silver or any metallic fillings

Do you know that tooth whitening is not bleaching?

Tooth bleaching

When the yellow is mellowed down to the degree of half white i.e removing the discoloration it's considered tooth bleaching. Dental bleaching products are used in this procedure – hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Tooth whitening

The metallic blades get a bit deeper here. Plaque, tartar, food remains, cellular debris (could be removed by the means of detoxification), whatever that’s considered tooth debris are removed completely. It's then followed up by a tooth whitener to bring on the flashy white smile you’ve yearned for ages.

From OTC to Cosmetic

In-office tooth whitening

Teeth whitening procedure yields desired results with the participation of a professional cosmetic dentist. In the case of gum issues, you’ll be going through a tooth scaling process because the tissue infected with bacteria is treated first. Our dentists in Santa Clara knew that you’re privileged to get dramatic tooth whitening at affordable costs.

Once you lie on the chair, the cosmetic dentist will do the honors by the means of the thick concentrate of peroxide.

OTC tooth whitening kits

By this time, most of them would’ve had their share of their take on the best teeth whitening kits. Frequent tours from whitening gel to strips are quite inevitable.
As a professional cosmetic dentist, we would suggest an in-office tooth whitening procedure. This involves replacing the tooth filings. You might be googling so religiously, “teeth whitening dentist near me” at the moment. You deserve that all new picture-perfect smile.